Since 2012, GMP Contracting Services Limited has strived to achieve full NERS accreditation across the various scopes that   our work covers.  Back when we first applied for NERS accreditation from the Lloyds Register, we were determined to  achieve accreditation across as many LV and HV work areas as possible. 

As a company, we highly value schemes such as NERS and HERS as not only do these schemes show our current and future  clients our dedication for safety and professionalism, they also help us review and perfect our processes to ensure we are  performing works in the safest and most efficient ways possible. Each accreditation we achieve is something we are incredibly  proud of, and we are always aiming to add more work activities to our NERS certification. 

With that aim in mind, we are happy to announce that we have now been awarded our full NERS accreditation for 11kV Cable  Pulling, which brings us up to a total of seven different areas in which GMP has been awarded full accreditation. We are  incredibly pleased with this fact, and are immensely proud of both our office and work teams for being diligent, professional  and safe in their work, which all comes together to allow us to achieve these endorsements. We would like to thank all of our  staff and contractors for their hard work, as without them these certifications would not be possible. With yet another work  activity fully accredited, we are looking forward to further expand our offerings.