G.M.P Contracting Services staff have a large amount of experience with the BNO process having been part of drafting the original process as a UK Power Networks stakeholder.

Working with other industry partners we are able to assist and/or design the BNO installation ensuring that the design is compliant with BS7671 as well as other requirements such as MOCOPA® (Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement).

Why choose us?

We have significant experience with BNO network delivery and provide full design and installation services for electrical connections to Multiple Occupancy Buildings where more than one meter is required.

We can:

  • Install / renew / upgrade the existing electrical connection into the building
  • Install infrastructure between the intake position and customer metering.

Our installation and approach mirrors that of the DNO themselves so you can be sure of the compliance of your finished installation.

Ongoing Maintenance

G.M.P Contracting Services LTD can offer an ongoing maintenance package which includes annual testing and reporting for your records.