Lloyds NERS Logo 2014In 2012 GMP Contracting Services Ltd decided it was time to take the company in new directions. In order to do this our aim was to gain accreditation to the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS), provided by Lloyds Register.

In the early months in 2012, it was decided that a new Safety Management System would be created in order to achieve accreditation. Instead of employing an outside body to create the documentation, the decision was to do it in-house. The aim of creating a Safety Management System from scratch was to ensure as documentation was created, all staff were involved in the creation and effectively trained at the same time that new documentation and procedures would be put in place.

After four to five months of creating the Safety Management System, cross referencing our Quality Procedures Manual and Environmental Management System to coincide with each other, and updating and creating numerous forms, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments, we were finally ready to apply for Lloyds to carry out an audit.

In September 2012, two days were set aside for the first part of our accreditation. This would be the office audit, to ensure that all the correct documentation was in place. For this, we ensured all of our staff were present for the two days to hear what the auditor had to say.

To our delight, three hours into the two day audit, partial accreditation was achieved without fault in any of our documentation. Our auditor also commented that, in his opinion, it was one of the best written Safety Management Systems he had come across.

With such fantastic news, the Managing Director decided to treat the staff to a lunch outing at a local restaurant sitting on the river, just around the corner from GMP.

Back in the office the next day, a discussion was taking place. Now that all documentation was in place, it was time to make sure it was kept in place. A phone call was made to organise the 2nd part of the audit, so that a full accreditation could be achieved. The 2nd part of the audit was to confirm that work carried out by GMP in the field was completed satisfactorily.

Within two weeks of our 1st audit and partial accreditation, the 2nd audit took place, and full accreditation was achieved for the applied scopes of work.

Now looking to the future, GMP Contracting Services are full accredited in:

Over the next few years, GMP Contracting Services Ltd aim to achieve full accreditation in further scopes of work.

Click here to view GMP’s NERS certificate.

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